Friday, April 11, 2008

Vibrant Breath

Today, I'm sick as a dog.

And remembering as I try to breathe, that use effects function.

Which is just one reason I love singing. Singing is cross-cultural yoga.

Taking time to use the breath mindfully, and produce a nice confident sound (no matter what it sounds like) seems to make much of the problem of congestion and sore throat go away, and at the same time, the connection with breath reminds us that, most of the time, being sick is totally unrelated to being happy.

Here's my favorite yogic mantra from Western culture: Euripides Epitaph from the 5th century BC.

It's one of the oldest, known pieces of written music in the world that we can actually read.

Here's my sick voice singing it this morning in an English translation:

As long as you live, live in love
Let nothing trouble you.

Life is too short.
And time takes its toll.

Just sing like this: exhale out all your air and wait. At some point before you turn blue, your natural inhalation cycle will kick in. Just watch that breath in. When it reaches the top, you'll feel a natural suspension of your breath, that's when you sing. Don't squeeze the sound out like toothpaste, let it ride that smooth exhale. When your muscles start to clench, stop, exhale all the way and let the natural inhale start again. Just sing! Enjoy that natural breath cycle that happens when we sing. Just relax and sing, damn it! The sound of your voice is a reflection of who you are at this moment. That can never be ugly.


Confusion Say said...
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Confusion Say said...

Well I'm glad to see how much you like this video.The very first cell ring I had was that song.

I think I'll do something with that.

Well then, I better get my fill of hearing it on ur site then.

Also, those are very good words to live by. I know that's how I look at things. I just seems like no one else does. And when they finally do, perhaps they will see all the mistakes they've made.

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