Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I hurt people with the phone.

I've been calling to ask property owners about short term leasing.

They get very upset, very impatient with me. Some have all but attacked me on the phone. I can hear the blood beating at their temples. I can hear their eyes twitch.

Because I ask a question?

I just have a problem and I want to find a solution to it.

But he feels an attack--his autonomic nervous system raising his blood pressure, flooding his body with platelets, adrenaline, in case I try to jab him with the sharp end of a lease agreement or something.

Ready to fight! ready to fly! In case that phone call turns deadly.

Always cavemen everywhere, at work, at home, on tv, banging at our doors with spears.


Confusion Say said...
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Confusion Say said...

U know how to use a phone??

Come on, stop pulling our chains...


Oh, and Chuck and I are business partners. I got clean up duty.

Seems a down right waste.


**I'm not insane in just ovulszolating

That was my word ovulszol... Ha! Thought I should do something with that...

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