Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I've moved...

... and moved on, and changed, and got all growned up!

Well, not really. But I tend to be a lot more respectful of people I disagree with and more skillful in the way I say things. And brief. (Gord, did I ever prattle on and on...)

And now I have a new blog about a yoga and ahimsa-inspired life of permaculture, restoration, breathing and--occasionally--yoga!


If you're one of the several people per month that came here through one of my posts on the yoga lifestyle, especially natural medicine and energy, then you should check out my new blog, because there will be more of that on its way!

But it's more likely you're one of the dozens of people per day who discovered this blog through a search for something like "Hitler's earlobe" or "monkey sex" or some other ridiculous thing I put on the internet over 10 years ago.

So, first off, who are you and why are you searching for monkey sex and Hitler's earlobe? Why do you care so much about the Alpha Male and "well-cheesed buttcheeks?"

Anyway, I know you're here for those things, because all the (IMO) informative and labor-intensive posts I wrote on yoga still get occasional traffic, but it's the long, horribly written diatribes about all the stuff I used to hate and how I'd never be anything I hate, and something about bonobos and something else about being dead that get TONS of traffic from all over the world!

Apparently there's a real market out there for writing about those things.

So, if my writings on those topics brought you here, you're probably thinking "how is this person still at-large and not locked up safely in a padded room?"

Well, here's your lucky day, you might discover the answer to that question by clicking on the above link.

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